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Researching WIRELESS PHONE rebates: this page will not automatically bring up all rebates you have submitted to us. Each rebate is connected to a specific phone number and service plan you have purchased. If you purchased multiple phones you will need to key in each phone number or ID number on the bottom of your rebate form to show the rebate status of each one.

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If you have questions about the status of a rebate you sent in more than 6 weeks ago and cannot find your information on this site, please

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Thanks for your reply and response! I will be looking for the rebates in the mail.

Nancy K., Irvine, CA

Thank you. That was awesome service from you guys.

- Simon L., Seattle, WA

Dear Stuart Lee Rebates,
Thank you so much for your response and help in this matter. I appreciate your efforts on my behalf and am satisfied with the end result.

With gratitude,
Tracie S., Highlands Ranch, CO

"Thank you very much for your quick response and for the reissue of our rebate. We really appreciate this, and will look for the rebates in a few weeks at our PO Box. Again, thank you for the time and effort to reissue our rebates.

- Kirsten R., Honolulu, HI

I received my rebate check. Thank you very much for following through for me. You have put back my faith in rebates :-)

- Linda C., McCleary, WA

I really appreciate your speedy response. You have rendered excellent customer service. My rebate checks arrived this weekend and I will deposit them as soon as possible.

Thank you very much,
Patricia C., San Diego, CA

Thank you for responding and taking care of this matter so expeditiously.

- Don, Escondido, CA

As things would happen, the check arrived on the day I called on its location. When I arrived at home, it was in the mail. Thank you for taking time to contact me.

- Ken T., Rockaway, NJ

Stuart Lee has been a wonderful partner to work with – always willing to help out our stores, customers, and employees with courtesy, responsiveness, and professionalism.

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