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1. All rebate forms must be postmarked no later than the 30th day from the date purchased.

2. If you cancel your agreement during the 12 week period following the date you signed the agreement you will not qualify for this rebate.

3. If you qualify for this rebate, your check will be mailed to the address provided approximately 12 weeks after the rebate center received your rebates.

4. If you purchased a wireless phone and your wireless rebate requires a base rate plan of .99 or higher, and your rate plan does not reflect this, you will be in- eligible to receive your rebate and will receive a turn down letter. (This only applies to wireless phone purchases).

5. Rebates received for phone purchases are only eligible for new postpaid activations. Handset or Rate Plan Upgrades DO NOT QUALIFY. (This only applies to wireless phone purchases).

6. All rebate requests become the property of the retailer where you made your purchase and will not be returned. Use of multiple P. O. Boxes or addresses to obtain rebates will be considered fraudulent and will not be honored.

7. The retailer and their agents will not be responsible for any rebate requests that are stolen in transit, lost in the mail, have postage due upon delivery, or fail to be delivered to the rebate address for any reason. If the rebate form arrives late or damaged, or is illegible or incomplete, such rebates will not be honored.

8. Do not submit multiple rebate forms for the same offer. This could be deemed as fraudulent and disqualify all associated rebates.

9. Rebate forms must be filled out completely. Partially filled out forms will be denied.

10. Please do not send certified mail. Certified mail can not be accepted. For confirmation please ask the post office for “delivery confirmation”.

11. Please do not send copies of rebate forms. Original rebate forms must be sent in order to receive your rebates. (Copies of your purchase/sales receipt, and service or wireless agreement will be accepted).

12. Rebates will be issued once all required terms and conditions are met. Any rebate received that has not met these terms and conditions will not be accepted.


Where is my rebate button

If you have questions about the status of a rebate you sent in more than 12-14 weeks ago and cannot find your information on this site, please

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Thank you for the prompt reply confirming I qualified for my rebate. Excellent customer service.

Ying Z., Woodlands, TX

Thank you. That was awesome service from you guys.

Simon L., Seattle, WA

What I thought would be a frustrating experience turned out to be a simple solution once I contacted you.

Jim N., Tacoma WA

"Thank you very much for your quick response and for the reissue of our rebate. We really appreciate this, and will look for the rebates in a few weeks at our PO Box. Again, thank you for the time and effort to reissue our rebates.

Kirsten R., Honolulu, HI

Thank you for such a friendly and professional experience.

Regina S., Salt Lake City, UT

The rebate arrived yesterday as promised. Thank you for following through.

Rose G., Venice FL

I got my check today. I'm going to slap my self for being so impatient.

Don P., San Antonio TX

Thank you for issuing a replacement check. I was surprised it was that easy. Most grateful.

Jean C., Newark, NJ

Contacting you and getting a quick result was such a pleasure. Thank you for the friendly service.

Craig H., Modesto CA

Stuart Lee has been a wonderful partner to work with – always willing to help out our stores, customers, and employees with courtesy, responsiveness, and professionalism.

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