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Welcome to the general questions and answers section. Please look through this list if you have a question regarding your rebate check, rebate status, or other problem.

  • 1. Address change, incorrect address

    Please use the Contact section regarding these issues.

  • 2. How long does it take to receive my rebate(s)?

    Rebates are processed and issued within the time frame listed on your Stuart Lee rebate form. Please see a copy of your rebate form(s) that you retained for your records for the time frame listed.

    Most but not all rebates are processed and issued within 12-14 weeks from the date your rebate was received in the mail.  This is because you must have continuous service for 60-90 days and the phone(s) cannot be returned for that same time frame for your rebate to be valid. 

  • 3. What if my Costco Cash Card was lost?

    If you received your cash card(s) but either misplaced or lost them, please contact your local Costco warehouse directly.

    Please have the Costco Cash Card number(s) issued to you available for reference. You can view your cash card numbers through our website using your phone number and 5-digit zip code that were both listed on the rebate form(s) you submitted to us.


  • 4. What if my check was lost or stolen?

    Checks can be re-issued after 30 days from the original issued date if the check was not received. Upon verification we will stop payment and re-issue new checks. Please make sure the address we have for you is correct and let us know if it is not. Checks can not be re-issued if past 180 days from the original issued date.

  • 5. My rebate amount is different than what I expected?

    Please use the Contact section regarding these issues.

  • 6. Can I submit my rebate details on-line?

    Stuart Lee can not accept on-line rebate requests. All rebates must be submitted in writing and mailed to the address listed on the rebate form. Rebate submittals require the following items:

    1. Original rebate form.
    2. A receipt or invoice showing each item purchased that qualifies for each rebate submitted. (Photocopies of receipt are accepted. Altered receipts will be deemed fraud and rejected permanently).
    3. A wireless service/customer agreement listing each phone number and activation requesting a rebate. (This item is only needed for wireless phone purchases). We need your first and last name, along with complete address printed clearly in blue or black ink. The post office will not deliver to anyone who does not have a mail box receptacle or their name is not listed as a mail recipient at the delivery address. Please make sure you have a forwarding address if you move prior to receiving your rebate checks. Certified mail can not be accepted. Ask for “delivery confirmation” when verifying receipt of your submittal.


    Please keep photocopies of your rebate submittal for your records. Read all rebate requirements listed on your rebate form to ensure proper redemption.

  • 7. Does my information get shared or sold to other companies?

    No, Stuart Lee Rebates is an independent company that does not share or sell any customer information.  Once your rebate is processed and entered into our system your hardcopy rebate form and service agreement is cross shredded then recycled.  Stuart Lee obeys all privacy laws and keeps customer information confidential.

  • 8. What if my check was damaged?

    Damaged checks need to be mailed back to Stuart Lee for re-issue. The address to use is: Stuart Lee c/o Customer Service, PO Box 2629, Lynnwood, WA  98036. A new check will be issued within 15 working days of receipt of your letter.


    Your rebate status “Pending Payout Authorization” means your rebate was received and is in process for the time frame that is listed on your rebate form. Most but not all rebates are processed 12 to 14 weeks from the date the mailed in rebate was received. All rebates are verified and authorized before being issued.  Your wireless carrier verifies that your service agreement is fulfilled (continued service for 60-90 days) and reports all deactivated phones and cancelled data plans.  Stuart Lee checks to make sure there are no duplicated entries.  Once your rebate is approved then it is paid out according to the time frame your rebate form states.

Where is my rebate button

If you have questions about the status of a rebate you sent in more than 12-14 weeks ago and cannot find your information on this site, please

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Thank you for the prompt reply confirming I qualified for my rebate. Excellent customer service.

Ying Z., Woodlands, TX

Thank you. That was awesome service from you guys.

Simon L., Seattle, WA

What I thought would be a frustrating experience turned out to be a simple solution once I contacted you.

Jim N., Tacoma WA

"Thank you very much for your quick response and for the reissue of our rebate. We really appreciate this, and will look for the rebates in a few weeks at our PO Box. Again, thank you for the time and effort to reissue our rebates.

Kirsten R., Honolulu, HI

Thank you for such a friendly and professional experience.

Regina S., Salt Lake City, UT

The rebate arrived yesterday as promised. Thank you for following through.

Rose G., Venice FL

I got my check today. I'm going to slap my self for being so impatient.

Don P., San Antonio TX

Thank you for issuing a replacement check. I was surprised it was that easy. Most grateful.

Jean C., Newark, NJ

Contacting you and getting a quick result was such a pleasure. Thank you for the friendly service.

Craig H., Modesto CA

Stuart Lee has been a wonderful partner to work with – always willing to help out our stores, customers, and employees with courtesy, responsiveness, and professionalism.

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